Be More Productive With Sketch Inside Boards!
Hiring Agency Streamline your hiring process by setting up video interviews in a Video Only mode for initial interviews or in a Full-Featured mode thenafter. Allow your applicants share technical diagrams with you in real-time by using the Sketch module. Learn more
Architectural Firm Meet with clients and share in real-time your design ideas using the Sketch module. Listen to clients' suggestions and make real-time adjustments instantly visible to all Sketch viewers. Additionally, set your sketch as public and allow anyone to view the sketch while you work! Learn more
Project Management Move a task through work stages while attaching all relevant data such as video conferences, sketches, files, etc... to the task to keep it all in one place! Improve your productivity ten-fold! Learn more
Loved the product. I have conducted over 300 hours worth of webinars and helped communicate the development of 4 projects from start to finish.
Robert Organic Product Manager
life-time plan $ 39.99 once Licenses 5 Max participants 10 File storage 5gb No white label Max boards/ sketch 20 Buy Now
starter plan $ 4.99 license/month Licenses 10 Max participants 30 File storage 10gb No white label Max boards/ sketch 50 Buy Now
pro plan $ 11.99 license/month Licenses 30 Max participants 100 File storage 20gb No white label Max boards/ sketch 100 Buy Now
business plan $ 19.99 license/month Licenses 100 Max participants 200 File storage 50gb White label Max boards/ sketch unlimited Buy Now
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